Since 1980, Coral Reef Medical Supply has been providing a comprehensive line of medical equipment and supplies from the most trusted manufacturers and top brands, at fair and competitive prices. Our selection is the most extensive in the area and availability is mostly immediate.


Our company was founded in response to the great demand for dependable products in the medical industry, for patients who suffered an accident, injured themselves, have been affected from a serious medical condition, an ailment, or that just reached a very advanced age and now rely on safe and durable support products to lead a normal or better quality of life.


Our goal is to assist those in need to continue to live independently or without having to give up their favorite activities, and the things they love.   By supplying safe solutions for every room in their home, we empower both patients and their caregivers to have what is needed for a rapid recovery and a successful treatment.


We take great pride in the service we provide, and in offering the best products in terms of quality, performance and reliability. Whether your needs are temporary or long term, our medical equipment is available for sale or rental.

With Coral Reef by your side, you can always be sure to obtain

the correct product you need!

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