Successful rehabilitation, recovery and adequate medical care are often dependent on the quality of products and equipment used during the process. Our company is committed to improving patients’ lives by providing the most trusted options in medical equipment, healthcare products, and supplies, for a variety of needs, including mobility, respiratory, ambulation, incontinence, personal cleansing, orthopedic, ostomy, traction and much more.


We supply anywhere from lightweight custom-made wheelchairs and special seating options, physical therapy equipment and bath safety aids that are comfortable, long lasting and most importantly, that give the confidence, peace of mind and security you need to continue with your daily activities and to enjoy life.


Regardless of the medical condition you or your loved one faces, at Coral Reef we offer the most complete selection of products that can be tailored around any specific need.


Whatever your medical equipment needs at Coral Reef Medical Supply we have a full inventory available for sale or rental, and we stand ready to serve you!



At Coral Reef Medical Supply we understand how stressful, unpleasant and intimidating incontinence can be! Fortunately incontinence products are a specialty with us, and our caring, knowledgeable and professional team is available to assist you in finding the most appropriate fit, size, and product type designed for your specific needs.


We carry many different lines and types of products to satisfy all requirements.  Whether you are looking for high absorbency, comfort, odor protection, waist size, body type, or any other particular features, we are committed to giving you the best options to care for yourself or for someone who suffers anywhere from mild to severe incontinence.


Some of our products include:


We are devoted to assist you gain the confidence and the freedom to continue enjoying your life and favorite activities without fear. Contact us; we are happy to give you a helping hand.

Attends, Molicare, Bard, Coloplast, Depend, Dignity, First Quality,

Kendall, and Mentor, to name a few.



At Coral Reef Medical Supply Co., we offer an extensive inventory of top quality rehabilitation equipment at the most affordable prices.  For thirty-six years we have worked with the most trusted and renowned manufacturers to provide durable and reliable options that will help patients improve their ability to function and live as normal and comfortable as possible.


From braces to pain management products, to strengthening, mobility and rehabilitation, our company offers a multitude of options that can be tailored around your specific need or prescribed treatment.


Among our rehabilitation supplies we offer products to assist patients with the most basic or complex needs, such as bathing, mobility, and with any other activity of daily living needs you may have. Our most common items include:


Contact our team and learn more about the options we have available for your unique condition.  If you are looking to purchase a custom made wheelchair, that is either manual or power, you have come to the right place.  We offer top branded products that will give you the performance, comfort and durability you deserve!

At Coral Reef Medical Supply every piece of equipment you purchase from us includes set up, adjustments and instructions in proper usage.

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Mishaps such as falls and slips, injuries from sport related activities, automobile accidents, back injuries, fractures, illnesses and other traumatic experiences affect millions of people on a regular basis.   At Coral Reef Medical Supply we have been serving patients, walk-in customers, physical therapy clinics, rehabilitation centers and health professionals in general, for 36 years, and have been providing the best technology, equipment and supplies to treat virtually any condition.


We carry an extensive selection of orthopedic appliances for individuals of all group ages, in search of support for back, knee, arm, wrist, foot, ankle, hip and thigh, shoulder and spine.  Within our extensive selection we have products to treat arthritis, help with mobility issues, alignment and much more.  Whether you are a young athlete needing an ankle support, or a patient searching for compression stockings we have options that can be tailored around your unique specifications and prescribed treatment.


Our most popular orthopedic items include:


Backed with an experienced team, unmatched product knowledge and superior customer skills, we stand ready to serve you and provide you with the medical supplies that will ensure you treat your condition appropriately, and reach your desired health goals.

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If you or a loved one suffers from a medical condition, are of advanced age, has gone through surgery or experienced a trauma that impedes you from leading a normal life, or performing your daily activities, including the most personal and basic ones such as going to the bathroom or taking a shower, at Coral Reef Medical Supply we can help you.


We offer the most comprehensive selection of bath and safety aids, for individuals and health professionals who want to equip patients with durable, safe, trusted and proven options.


Patient comfort, safety, mobility and support are our specialty.  Contact Coral Reef Medical Supply and speak with one of our caring experts to find the perfect equipment for your unique needs.


Our bath and safety products include:

  • Shower chairs
  • Transfer benches
  • Grab bars
  • Raised toilet seats
  • Bathtub rails
  • And many other Aids to Daily Living (ADL)


We have a variety of models, styles, sizes, configurations and functions that can be custom tailored to meet your needs, to help you recover faster, prevent future injuries, and give you the security that you can continue a normal life either in the comfort of your home or at your preferred healthcare facility.



Our company works with the most trusted brands and manufacturers in the industry to offer patients in need of reliable medical supplies, the convenience, safety, security, peace of mind, and especially the most appropriate options that fit the lifestyle and the required medical treatment prescribed by a physician, hospital or caregiver.


Contact us and speak with one of our professional team members! Since 1980 we have been providing superior customer and product support to every one of our customers, and we remain committed to helping you get the supplies that will give you the ability and confidence to take your life back and head to a successful and rapid recovery.


The majority of our products are available in different sizes and styles.


Some of our Ostomy products include:

Coral Reef Medical Supply Company offers a wide range of ostomy supplies from leading companies:Convactec, Hollister, Coloplast etc.



It is vital to maintain healthy legs in order to lead an active life and to be able to perform your daily tasks. Problems with veins, injuries, age, pregnancy, surgeries, poor lifestyle habits and other health conditions are some of the many factors that can affect leg health and increase the risk of venous problems. Luckily there are many ways to care, protect and improve your leg condition, including exercise, good posture, avoiding inactivity and wearing compression stockings that provide support and improve blood flow.


Coral Reef Medical Supplies offers a large selection of surgical and compression stockings including leading brands such as:


Our most common compression stockings are:


We understand that the success of your treatment and health depends on having the right tools, supplies and on obtaining the training on proper usage.  Whether you are suffering from chronic venous disorders, edema, stasis or skin changes, our team is committed to educating you and providing you with the best options to improve leg health, without compromising fashion, quality or comfort.

Contact us and let us help you find which is the right product for you.

This is what we have been doing for each of our customers since 1980!



Physical therapy is one of the best treatments to recover from musculoskeletal dysfunctions, to promote mobility and motion, reduce pain, restore function, prevent disability and recover faster from an injury, surgery, accident, physical condition or ailment.  Having the right equipment and supplies for your required physical therapy is vital to achieve a successful outcome.


At Coral Reef Medical Supply we are dedicated to supplying physical therapists, doctors, patients, caregivers or family members, with the supplies and equipment required to better care for those in need.  We offer a multitude of options for exercise, rehabilitation, support, positioning, stretching and balancing.


We also offer a variety of supplies including:


We welcome you to contact us and discuss your needs.  We promise to help you find the best alternative and product that will fit your unique condition and needs!

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At Coral Reef Medical Supply we strive to be a one-stop solution provider!  For 36 years we have worked very hard to develop solid relations with the top manufacturers of medical equipment, supplies and wound care products, and to have a large inventory with options that patients can purchase to treat, manage and cure health conditions affecting them or a family member.


Whether you are looking for recovery products to treat a wound, injury, surgical incisions, antiseptic protection products for reducing inhibiting bacterial growth, body formulas to nourish and moisturize, skin hydration products, silicone gel sheets for scars resulting from burns or trauma, pads to protect against pressure and friction, or any type of bandages and dressings, we have every possible option to protect, enhance healing, and give you the comfort and pain relief resulting from your wound.


Within our extensive inventory we carry wound care products that are ready and available in our store for either pick up or delivery.


Our most popular items include:

We also carry a complete line of products to prevent and heal pressure sores, like cushions and mattresses.

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healthcare professionals, families, and everyone who needs

reliable products, courteous staff and a knowledgeable provider!



Coral Reef Medical Supplies Company works with doctors, nurses, rehabilitation centers, healthcare facilities, adult care facilities, caregivers and individuals to list a few, who are searching for superior, durable and trusted medical equipment, supplies and products, to treat a wide variety of medical conditions, and to deliver quality care to patients or family members.


For physicians, nurses and students we offer a multitude of evaluation and diagnostic tools and equipment, including but not limited to:


Vital Signs equipment such as:

Diagnostic Tools such as:

Strength Testing equipment such as:

Clinical Accessories

Sterile and Surgical supplies and many others.

Contact us with your needs!

We take pride on being a company dedicated to providing flexibility

and a quick response to our customers’ requests.



Coral Reef Medical Supply Company is a leading supplier and distributor of the most reputable branded medical equipment, products, supplies and accessories to treat serious health conditions, for rehabilitation purposes and for temporary or long term care needs.  Our equipment is available for purchase or rent, and we offer an extensive array of options for hospital beds and accessories including:



Our options can be customized to fit any needs and required treatment, and they are designed for patients of varying ages, sizes, and heights.  We provide the best one stop shopping experience, the best value and selection at the most competitive prices.


We are best known as experts in our industry, who have been dedicated for the past 36 years to provide everything from patient handling, transporting, safety, orthopedic, respiratory, exercise, ostomy, wound care and many more physician and healthcare supplies.

Are you a patient or have a family member that needs medical products

to continue or to receive the best possible care at home?

We can help!



We offer numerous mobility options including seat lift chairs that come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and that are designed to deliver the perfect fit, comfortable lift and recline experience all at the push of a button.


For nearly 4 decades, we have been providing customer and product support, to ensure that our customers ranging from doctors, young adults and seniors, healthcare facilities, caregivers or family members, are equipped with the appropriate products and technologies that will give the independence, mobility, support, and safety to those patients who need the extra help to overcome a health condition.


Among some of our mobility products we offer:


Whether you are looking for particular biomechanical dynamics, superior maneuverability, lumbar support, customizable comfort, unlimited comfort position features, functions that promote health, wellness and relaxation, or lift, recline or sleep features, we have all the options so you can continue leading a normal life in the comfort of your home or even at work.

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We will help you every step of the way!

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