Hypafix 6 in x 10 yd Dressing Retention Sheet – 4211

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6 Inch x 10 Yard

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BSN 4211 Hypafix 6 in x 10 yds Dressing Retention Sheet is a large-sized dressing meant to retain a site while maintaining skin integrity in the process. This elastic tape is skin friendly and uses a printed back to help “release” the tape onto the skin area without damaging the dermal area in any way. The six-inch width makes it easier to apply to multiple sites and releases just as easily as any other Hypafix dressing. Hypafix 15 cm x 10 m also has has a large range of uses, making it very versatile for any situation.

The dressing sheet comes in a 6-inch x 10-yard size and is white for easier monitoring of the site.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Large Sized to Maintain Skin Integrity
  • Flexible to Fit on Any Skin Surface Area
  • Uses Printed Back to Help “Release” Tape
  • Easily Conforms to Several Body Parts
  • Large Size to Fit on Larger Skin Areas
  • Six Inches Wide to Maximize Usage

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: BSN Medical
  • Brand: Hypafix
  • Usage: Dressing Retention
  • Size: 6 Inches x 10 Yards
  • HCPCS: A4452
  • Product Number: 4211

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Hypafix 6 in x 10 yd Dressing Retention Sheet - 4211