LifeSource Adult Replacement Cuff, For Digital Blood Pressure Monitor by A&D Medical


CUFF ONLY-MD 9.4″-14.2″

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    LifeSource Arm Blood Pressure Replacement Cuffs are for use with the A & D Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Bluetooth Technology. This cuff is size Medium for upper arm circumferences between 9.4 and 14.2 inches. These cuffs are available in three additional sizes: small, large, extra large (sold separately). Using the correct size cuff is important for an accurate reading. A cuff that is too large will produce a reading that is lower than the correct blood pressure; a cuff that is too small yields a measurement that is higher. With your arm hanging at the side of your body, measure the circumference of your upper arm at the midpoint between the shoulder and elbow. Determine the proper cuff size from the list below: Small: 6.3 to 9.4 inches (16 to 24 cm) Medium 9.4 to 14.2 inches (24 to 36 cm) Large: 14.2 to 17.7 inches (36 to 45 cm) Extra Large: 16.5 to 23.6 inches (42 to 60cm) A & D TELEMEDICINE SENSORS A & D has established a global market leadership position in serving the health care industry. A & D’s foundation of providing oscillometric blood pressure monitors for both professional and home use since 1980 provided a solid foundation for development of this next generation line of products. A & D’s telemedicine product line was introduced in 1995 in response (more.).

    Product Specification :

    • McKesson # 632043
    • Manufacturer # UA-280
    • Brand Accufit®
    • Manufacturer A&D Engineering
    • Application Blood Pressure Cuff
    • Cuff Material Nylon Cuff
    • Cuff Size Medium Cuff
    • Fastening Type Hook and Loop Closure
    • For Use With For Lifesource Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
    • Size Range 24 – 35 cm
    • Target Area Arm
    • UNSPSC Code 42181605
    • Usage Reusable
    • User Adult