Pedifix® Pedi-GEL® Ball-of-Foot Pad, One Size Fits Most



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    • Pedi-GEL® Ball-of-foot pad protects to relieve forefoot pain, prevent calluses and keep feet from sliding forward in shoes. Provides extra padding for thin-soled footwear.
    • Cushion and protect metatarsal area.
    • Absorb pressure, friction and shock.
    • Self-sticking, stay in place.
    • Durable.
    • Washable.
    • Directions : Wash and dry feet, peel off backing and apply, to remove, gently peel away from skin, do not apply lotions, powders or medications to pads or skin when using products, keep
    • packaging for storage when not in use, pads will not adhere to skin unless both are clean and dry.
    • Care : Hand wash, air dry completely before reuse, gel maintains its self-adhesive properties even after washing.
    • Warnings : If you have diabetes, consult your doctor before using, do not place product on an open wound, if irritation, discomfort or poor circulation occur, discontinue use, if symptoms persist, visit a foot specialist.
    • Reusable.