UL Listed Massage Table Warmer

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Give your clients the ultimate luxurious experience with the Master Massage Table Warming Pad. Soften stiff muscles with the gentle heat in three different temperature settings. The temperature goes up to 80 degrees and heats up evenly so you don’t have to deal with cold patches on the heating pad.

Heating in as little as seven minutes, this table warmer also has an automatic shut off after 4 hours as a safety feature so you can relax as much as your client. As an added bonus, it is also the only completely EMR (electromagnetic radiation) safe heating pad on the market.

Machine washable as well, the Master Massage Table Warming Pad is compatible with most massage tablesmassage tables to provide you with the best.

Product Features and Benefits

  • EMR Safe
  • Adjustable Warmth Settings
  • Comfortable
  • Powerful
  • Machine Washable
  • Three Warmth Settings
  • Heats Quickly and Evenly
  • Automatic Shut Off

Product Features and Benefits

  • Manufacturer: Master Massage
  • Color: Cream
  • Care: Machine Washable
  • Length: 68 In
  • Width: 26 In
  • Temperature: Up to 80 Degrees
  • Heating Time: 7 Minutes

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UL Listed Massage Table Warmer