Wings Super Quilted Bariatric Briefs Heavy Absorbency

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Blue, Fits up to 95 Inch Waist

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Wings Bariatric Adult Briefs, manufactured by Covidien, are maximum absorbency briefs that have been fully redesigned to deliver an enhanced fit, better coverage and leakage protection.

Featuring larger and flexible side panels, this brief will now accommodate waist ranges up to 100 inches. In addition, the stretchable material allows for a more unique and contoured fit.

Due to over-sized tabs, the wearer or caregiver will be able to fasten the tab anywhere on the anterior of the brief. The fastening system is almost effortless to reposition and apply, so that changing requires less effort.

The side panels are made of a porous material, which allows air to freely pass through keeping skin dry, cool and comfortable. The material, additionally, is uniquely bonded that presents an incredibly soft feel against the skin. The bond also allows the brief to be quiet, which enhances the dignity and comfort of the wearer.

The new and improved brief features a contoured mat design. Specifically, it has a high level of super absorbent polymers to provide added dryness and odor control.

To control the dryness of the brief, it has a high performance blue dryness strip that acquires and disperses fluid into the core. Additionally, it will wick away moisture for improved comfort and skin protection. It also has elastic leg gathers that will ensure leakage protection to help keep the wearer dry.

The brief features a wetness indicator on the front which will alert the caregiver that it is time for a new brief.

Truly, the New and Improved Wings Bariatric Adult Briefs are a great choice for minor to heavy incontinence.

Wings Bariatric Adult Briefs Features and Benefits

  • Cloth-like Backing.
  • Contoured Mat Design.
  • Elastic Leg Gatherers.
  • High performance Blue Dryness Strip.
  • Highly Absorbent.
  • Manufactured in the United States.
  • Robust Fastening System.
  • Spun-bound, Non-woven Top Sheet.
  • Stretchable Side Panels.
  • Wetness Indicator on Front.

Wings Bariatric Adult Briefs Specifications

  • Product Number: 67095.
  • Waist Size: 74 to 100 inches.
  • Style: Unisex.
  • Application: Incontinence Protection.
  • Manufacturer: Covidien.
  • HCPCS Code: T4543.

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Wings Super Quilted Bariatric Briefs Heavy Absorbency