Women’s Super Incontinence Panties, Full Cut, Maximum Absorbency

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Beige, Large, 41-42 Inch Hip



Women’s Super Incontinence Full Cut Panties, manufactured by Wearever, are premium and sensible garments that offer maximum safety, comfort, style, and function. If you enjoy preserving money and being responsible of the environment, then the Women’s Maximum Incontinence Panties are undeniably for you. In fact, these incontinence panties will last over 200 cycles in the washing machine, which will spare you a considerable amount of money during the year.

However, monetary savings is just one small benefit to these discreet, Washable Incontinence Panties. These protective garments feature a delicate and silky cotton material threaded with Agion, antimicrobial fibers that prevent malodorous bacteria. In addition to inhibiting the development of bacteria, these incontinence underwear also feature a waterproof outer layer that extends the wearer superlative leakage protection.

To offer further protection that you can depend on, the Women’s Super Incontinence Panties trap liquid in its highly absorbent Unique-Dri pad. Because the Unique-Dri pad is an complementing component, you do not need inserts or disposable pads to receive trustworthy protection.

Once these washable incontinence panties have been stained, simply toss in the wash, and then they are available to deliver another round of discreet management of urinary incontinence. With a brand name like Wearever, you can say “goodbye” to embarrassing circumstances and “hello” to confidence. To successfully strengthen the management of urinary incontinence, order this economical and beyond reliable alternative to disposable incontinence underwear today!

Features and Benefits

  • Antimicrobial fibers that prevent malodors.
  • Discreet style.
  • Economical and reliable choice to disposable garments.
  • Integral Unique-Dri pad that traps liquid.
  • Liquid-proof outer layer.
  • Lush and silky material.
  • Machine washable.

Product Specifications

  • Sizes: S-8XL.
  • Cut: Full Cut
  • Absorbency: Super up to 10 oz.
  • Colors: White and beige.
  • Application: To discreetly manage urinary incontinence.
  • Manufacturer: Wearever.
  • White Product Numbers: HDL100WS, HDL100WM, HDL100WL, HDL100WXL, HDL100W2XL, HDL100W3XL, HDL100W4XL, HDL100W5XL, HDL100W6XL, HDL100W7XL, HDL100W8XL
  • Beige Product Numbers: HDL100BS, HDL100BM, HDL100BL, HDL100BXL, HDL100B2XL.

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Women's Super Incontinence Panties, Full Cut, Maximum Absorbency